Lochs Community Calendar:

An online Google calendar for all local community groups.

Local Information:

The Angus Macleod archive has a wealth of fascinating stories from Pairc’s history.

Local Organisations:

Co-Chomunn na Pairc – RavenspointSituated on the shore of Loch Erisort, the community-owned Ravenspoint Centre runs a hostel, café, shop and a range of exhibitions profiling local culture, history and arts. It also has a 24 hour petrol pump.  

Comunn Eachdraidh na PaircThe Pairc Historical Society safeguard and update information about the history and culture of South Lochs. They publish booklets on each of the villages, maintain an accredited museum at Ravenspoint, and organise annual visits to sites of historic interest. The society also manages the Angus Macleod Archive at Ravenspoint.

Aline Community Woodland: Aline Woodland is located in Lochs, straddling the A859 approximately 20 miles south of Stornoway covering an area of approximately 636ha.

Muaitheabhal Community Wind Farm Trust: Muaitheabhal Community Wind Farm Trust was formally launched in April 2013 to distribute the ‘community benefit fund’ available from the Beinn Mhòr Wind Farm. Priority areas which will benefit from the fund are Pairc, Kinloch, and the villages along Loch Seaforth in North Harris.

The Islands Book Trust: The Book Trust aims to further understanding of the history of Scottish islands in their wider Celtic and Nordic contexts through talks, visits, conferences, publications, research and education.

Pairc Primary School                                                   

Pairc Community Council    (Facebook)              


Community Land Ownership Organisations in the Western Isles:

Community Land Scotland                            

Stornoway Trust                                              

North Harris Trust                                      

West Harris Trust                                        

Galson Estate Trust                                     

Carloway Estate Trust                                

Barvas Estate Trust                                     

Keose Glebe Community         (Facebook)

Storas Uibhist                                              

Bhaltos Community Trust                      

There are a number of other local groups. We have only included those with a website or facebook page.


The Crofting Commission website has all the forms and guidance notes associated with crofting issues, such as assignation, apportionment, sub-letting, decrofting, division, change of ownership etc.

The Crofting Register is maintained by the Keeper of the Registers of Scotland, although the application for registration is made in the first instance to the Crofting Commission who will check the information contained in or accompanying the registration application against the information contained in the Commission’s Register of Crofts.  Further details on registering crofts is available from ROS here: